Before Christmas I bought a red/green/blue projection light to decorate a wall at work. We only ever turned it on a couple times; it distracted the people sitting nearby. Today we took our Christmas decorations down and I brought home the projection light for Benji’s room.

I had a kind of idea it might work as a dimmer night-light than his zillion-lumen pink LED lightbulb, pictured below. That light is so bright you can literally read by its light.

Zillion Lumen Pink Lamp

For the time being, until we could get the projection light mounted more officially, I just jammed it between his dresser and wall. Then I called Benji in to see.

His 100% instantaneous, unalloyed reaction: “It’s heaven!”

Heavenly Light

He later clarified that it was actually snuggle heaven, and we played a game where one of us was St. Peter standing outside the door asking why the other person should be let in to snuggle heaven. Once in snuggle heaven, you get to toss snuggles and bedding all over the room and snuggle around anywhere you want while gazing at the mesmerizing light.

In short, I’d say so far it’s a much greater success at home than it ever was at work.

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