After a long journey, my beautiful S-Works, Swift, has returned to me whole and rebuilt.

S-Works 2.0 - #rebuiltintheUSA

The summary story: FedEx crushed the top tube in October. After pursuing all imaginable avenues for replacement — remuneration from BikeFlights, FedEx, and our insurance company getting; a comp replacement from Specialized; buying a new frame for a crash replacement price — I finally looked into getting it repaired.

I got it repaired at Ruckus Composites in Portland, and they added some lovely additional details designed by my biking buddy David Hose.

It came in last Friday, and after some hiccups — we had to acquire a seatpost clamp and cover at the last minute; the bike shop wasn’t ready, so I switched to bike shops — Woodinville Bike Shop built it up for me this afternoon.

I’m really, really excited to ride it. This weekend looks phenomenal, weather-wise, but I’ll be spending Saturday with Benji while Ian enjoys Emerald City Comic Con. Sunday, however, I’m hoping will be my day.

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