It’s August 1, which means I’ve neglected posting here for over two months — a dubious achievement if I ever heard of one! However, as I’ve matured (a nice way of saying “gotten older” – might as well just bury me now!), I’ve relaxed about goals like posting regularly. I like to set these kinds of goals, because it often helps me make healthier choices, but if I miss a goal, I forgive myself and try again.

So here we are, with another month of summer, and I haven’t even said anything about what’s already happened. Partly that’s because I’m also not convinced I want to carefully document every little thing, and partly it’s because we’ve kept busy.

However, so far, highlights include a few days on Orcas Island at the Rosario Resort with Mom and Dad, and… Okay, that’s actually the only thing on the list. We do have plans to spend some time in Seaside with Ian’s parents in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, Benji is doing Y summer camp every week, I’m working, and Ian’s working. I only ride three days a week, thanks to my leg, but I’m trying to make the days count.

One thing that’s made this summer much nicer than the last few years: clear, smoke-free skies. I don’t know what the rest of fire season holds, but even at this time the last couple years we were choking on thick wildfire smoke haze. Every day we get up to clear skies, I feel thankful.

This week we’ve also hosted my friend Michael Cohen, who’s visiting from Australia’s Gold Coast on business. We met when he worked here at Google and we rode bikes together, including commuting together quite a bit. I’ve had a great time catching up and spending evenings hanging out – it’s hard to chat otherwise, because our time zones are so different. And of course Benji envies how many countries and states Michael has visited.

Now my bus stop approaches, so I’m off. I am going to try to update at least once a week on the bus from here on… But we’ll see how that goes goes!

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