Ian and Benji watch a lot of YouTube videos together. Sometimes they’re mindless things like marble races, but other times they are educational, like TedEd videos. Watching all these TedEd videos has given Benji quite the store of random facts.

For example, one time we were at a park looking at mushrooms, and he said, “Did you know mushrooms cause rain?” Skeptical, I looked it up later, and sure enough — the spores from a forest full of mushrooms, all released at once, can provide places for water in the air to condense, causing rain.

So when he mentioned at dinner that boogers killed germs, I didn’t exactly doubt; I just wanted to independently confirm the assertion. (Later I did confirm that he was basically right.)

“No, really, boogers DO kill germs,” he insisted. Then he added, “That’s why, when I pick my nose, I always smear the boogers on my owwies.”

And that is what I love about conversations right now: the mix of real logic and complete absurdity, seamlessly integrated.

Now I just need to make sure he doesn’t actually replace Neosporin with boogers.

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