A week ago I mentioned that my Wahoo ELEMNT battery was dying, and I didn’t find any of the new options very compelling. As part of my due diligence, I contacted Wahoo, on the off-chance that they might offer a discount on a new one for returning customers. They did better than that: Wahoo ELEMNT has a replaceable battery! It has to be the last modern device that allows the user (or anyone, for that matter) to replace the battery, and when I found that out, I can’t express the joy I felt. I want to fix my things, not replace them, whenever possible. It took some (rather slow) back and forth, but over the course of a few days I confirmed I wanted a replacement, sent them my address, and paid for it plus extra for two-day shipping. They also sent me a detailed document describing how to replace the battery and, although I think I could have written it better, I appreciated that they had it at all. The new battery arrived on Thursday. Ian and I promptly unscrewed the approximately zillion screws to remind the back of the case, taking care not to lose any of the microscopic washers associated with each one. Then we just carefully popped off the old leads and popped in the new ones — I let Ian do that; might as well amortize the engineering degree a bit! — followed by screwing a zillion screws back in. The moment of truth proceed a relief: The device turned back on! It retained all my data! On Saturday I gave the new battery a real workout with a seven-hour total time ride up Mt. St. Helens. It held up beautifully, with charge to spare. So I am delighted.

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