As of last post, my boss has swooped in on Monday afternoon and got source control working, albeit only in Visual Studio.

It worked all day Tuesday. I had a slightly flurried exit from work, so I left a little work on my local machine, not checked in to source control.

Naturally, when I arrived at work on Wednesday, source control had broken again. The server folders had vanished from Visual Studio and, long story short, I couldn’t do any work until I fixed it. Again.

I cried.

Facing yet another day of TFS travail broke me for a minute.

Then I went to the local IT guys, who are responsible for TFS, and asked them to fix it. They did, promptly and patiently. Turns out some of my permissions had not migrated over with my new machine, so I no longer had permission to access my work folders. IT granted my new user this permissions and correctly configured Visual Studio for me, which I appreciated, since I’d done it about half a dozen times already in the last week.

When I left yesterday, I checked all my work in to source control. I hope it’s working when I arrive this morning.

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