Fall has arrived with a vengeance the last couple days, bringing some rain and much cooler temperatures. Every time we have a significant season change, I have to dig through and find all my bike clothes for that weather. I always have a few rides near the beginning of the season when I completely miss with my outfit choices.

This week I’m two for two on the wrong clothes for the conditions.

Monday I wore a rain jacket and ended up dripping sweat as I rode through the dry, warm conditions with a nice tailwind.

Tuesday I wore a rain coat, too, but the temperature had dropped something like 15 or 20 degrees and the wind came around to blow from the northeast, which means a headwind for me the entire way. With about seven miles left, the rain started — gentle at first, but quickly transitioning to a steady, monotonous, soaking rain. My jacket soaked through and I arrived home frozen and miserable.

So I must say, I’m hoping today’s wardrobe choices will work out better.

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