Rainy Day Picture: Day 5

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:00 am

I went for a bike ride despite steady morning rain. It wasn’t too bad… at first.

Rainy Day Photography: Day 5
My bike’s pink fenders splashed with road dirt at the start of the ride.

11:51 am

Rainy Day Photography: Day 5
Rain speckles the Sammamish Slough on m way home.

My friend John Jester and I met up for most of the ride, and for the first 30 miles we enjoyed a drippy but tolerable ride. But once we turned and started riding east, it became substantially less pleasant — I think we had started riding into the weather more. Thereafter, it proved a long slog that finally ended with my defrosting my frozen, blue toes in a warm bath after hanging every scrap of bike clothes up in front of the fireplace to dry. Continue Reading >>