The tiny Evans Creek Preserve is coming to be one of Benji’s and my favorite places to go for a walk. Cuddled up against the Sammamish Plateau, it features meadow, woodland, and hillside trails all documented with a phenomenal map system.

It doesn’t present much of a hiking challenge, but does present a perfect compromise for Benji’s love of maps and numbers and my desire for us to get outside. We simply hike from one numbered intersection to the next, and we’re both happy.

After some traffic travails, we met at Evans Creek on Saturday afternoon with my friend Ellen and her four-footed fur baby Lakka, Benji’s favorite Norwegian Buhund. We enjoyed a very pleasant walk and a truly spectacular autumn afternoon.

A truly glorious banana slug on a cedar stump.
Ellen, Benji, and Lakka on one of many bridges.
Benji in the rising mist.

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