I’m writing from Paine Field in Everett waiting for the flight down to San Jose. Today I have several pre-op appointments, including a 90-minute baseline bike test that they’ll use as a before data point. Eight weeks from the surgery, I’ll return and do the same test again and we’ll see what kind of change I have.

Since last Monday, when I scheduled my artery surgery for this coming Friday, life has turned into an insane exhausting emotional whirlwind.

Family stuff has been challenging, with Benji extremely anxious about my leaving and Ian supportive about the surgery but not best pleased with the timing — which, admittedly, could hardly have been worse if I’d handpicked the worst time. I’ve tried to make everything as easy for them as possible, but it’s still just… difficult.

At work I’ve gone nonstop, frantically pushing to finish as much as I possibly can for the release. It’s difficult to pre-write about features that only sort of exist, or that exist in someone’s imagination and maybe a spec, and that may or may not actually make it for the planned release date.

Personally, I wouldn’t say I’m super anxious, but I’m not sleeping great, I’m not feeling hungry, and my skin is breaking out worse than usual, which are normal signs I’m feeling stressed. I’ve tried to just keep doing everything business as usual, and take advantage of the extra time in the mornings between 3:00 and 5:00 am by getting ready, washing dishes, doing laundry, that kind of thing. I figure I’ll get plenty of time to sleep after the surgery is done.

So now Mom and I are on our way. I trust it’ll go well.

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