Post-Op: EIAE Surgery at Stanford Hospital

The procedure went very well.

Let’s cut (pun intended) to the chase: They tell me procedure went very well.

Now keep reading if you want all the gory details. The rest of you, feel free to move along on your busy day.

Mom and I arrived a bit after 7 am yesterday and checked in smoothly. I found out later the front desk guy used to work at Disneyland, and I believe it. He was so friendly, not just getting us to the right place but joking and putting us at ease, not a trivial task when Mom and I were both feeling really anxious. Continue Reading >>


Last night neither Mom nor I slept well. Between the two of us, I think we saw every hour of the night. But I only woke up with a yell once — my standard “I’m extremely anxious” subconscious response, which Ian just loves — so that’s probably a win.

We head over to the hospital in a few minutes. Pre-op stuff starts at 7:15, with the surgery scheduled for 9:15. I guess it takes two hours of prep?! We’ll see.

And, in related news, the doctor’s office gave me this special soap to wash with before the surgery. I had to wash with it in a shower last night and then another shower this morning. I’m probably the cleanest I’ve ever been in my entire life — but odds are I’ll get even a little cleaner once they start prepping the surgery site. Normally I don’t stress about cleanliness, aside from normal hand-washing recommendations, but in this case, I’m 100% on board. Continue Reading >>