Tuesday was rough. The plane was delayed coming in to San Jose, and I got super tired waiting. I hadn’t been upright so long in a while! Finally Mom got some blankets from the airline and I made myself a not very snug spot to stretch out on the ground for a bit.

Once we got on the plane, though, it went great. I’m flying first class all the time now. Ha! Warm moist towels, beverages in real glasses, actual breakfast on real plates with metal dishware, the flight attendant greeting us by name, on first, off first, tons of leg and luggage space… Yep, definitely could get used to that for the future.

Mom dropped me off and home and I just rested until Benji and Ian arrived at about 3:00 pm. Then I spent a couple hours with Benji, reading, coloring, and generally interacting, after which I was shaking from exhaustion. I laid back down again and pretty much just went to bed from there.

I took Norco, the opiate, and didn’t wake up bothered by pain in the night. I just woke up generally. I still can’t sleep more than a couple hours at a time, and after about 1 or 2 am I wake up every hour regardless. It’s not restful. I’m ready for a full night of sleep. If only.

Today I spent mostly alone after Ian went to work — Benji spent the night at my parents’ house and they took him directly to school, so it was a quiet morning — until Deborah and Benji came home about 1:00 pm. This was the last half-day before the Thanksgiving break. During the morning the big excitement was that I went for a slow walk by myself to the park and back. I think I need to get more diligent about moving around regularly.

Colleen sent me a really cool adult coloring book and markers to occupy myself while I recover. Benji has been helping me color the first page, so Deborah brought him home for us to color together. I then retired to bed again.

My bigger incision has been bothering me a bit more. I don’t know if I’m out of bed more because I’m home, or feeling well enough to be moving around and not as careful, or what, but in any case it hurts. Wah.

Also, I think food is going to be a problem. I have plenty of food in the house, but I’m not hungry… and then when I finally notice I’m hungry it’s just too much to go get something. It feels unimportant. I am guessing eating right will help with recovery, but it’s feeling really difficult to do.

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