Hello, World!

For my own personal edification, and to make myself a little more marketable as a software technical writer, I’m starting to play around with learning a little bit of Python.

This comes very unnaturally to me, but I always tell Benji that doing things we find hard makes us grow. I guess I’ll take a dose of my own medicine and try growing a bit.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Well, that keenly anticipated day has come and gone, much to the relief of some of those in our household. Others of us simply focus on the opportunity to play with lots of new toys unfettered by demands such as school.

Some Christmas week highlights included…

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Birthday Cake

Singing happy birthday to Jesus and then enjoying special Happy Birthday, Jesus! Birthday Cake on Christmas Eve. This is possibly my favorite family Christmas tradition.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 2019

Christmas with Grammy and Papa

We spent a portion of Christmas Day hanging out at my in-laws’ house. After Benji opened his presents, we played with his new Legos (a really handy set of a variety of multi-colored pieces, perfect for building whatever you want) and pretended to be elements. My in-laws gave Benji a cool lift-the-flap Periodic Table book that will keep the flames of his chemistry passion fanned for some time. Continue Reading >>

Jogging Joys

TL;DR: Jogging on a treadmill, both legs worked perfectly. I ran at a pace and exertion level I couldn’t have achieved before surgery. Thrilled.

When kids think about growing up, they invariably think of all the wonderful freedoms:

  • “I get to go to bed whenever I want!” (True, although severely limited if you want to, say, hold a regular job and function as a normal human being during that time.)
  • “I don’t have any homework!” (Also true, except for all the non-employment-related responsibilities of living, like obtaining food, cooking food, cleaning up from cooking food, washing, folding, and putting away clothes, keeping your home clean and yard presentable, taking care of dependents, etc.)
  • “Nobody makes me eat vegetables!” (Again, true, although you’ll probably force yourself to do so for their health benefits, or you may just suffer the natural consequences of poor food choices.)

Kids rarely think think of — indeed, are probably hardly aware of — the gazillion tedious and often onerous activities adults engage in to just maintain the status quo. I think that’s part of what makes childhood so magical. Kids, at least most kids, don’t worry about stuff like exercising to maintain bone density and heart health. Continue Reading >>

Rainy Day Pictures: Day 34

This morning I woke up surprisingly ready to test my leg by jogging. I borrowed Ian’s gym membership and spent my first hour on a treadmill. Meanwhile, it rained more outside.

Monday, December 23, 2019, 6:40 am

Treadmills are boring.
I know it’s not exactly a picture of rain, but it was raining when I took the picture, and I’m just so excited to have a working leg!

Rainy Day Pictures: Day 33

Friday marked the darkest day in recorded Seattle history, a very dubious honor indeed. Maybe that inspired me to suggest we do a fire pit when it finally stopped raining.

Sunday, December 22, 2019, 5:00 pm

Washington Fire Pit
A Washington December fire pit involves an umbrella.

Shortly after we got the fire lit, it started drizzling again. Undaunted, we pulled out umbrellas. We nursed the fire long enough to make s’mores for Benji, and not long after we decided we’d milked that for all the fun we could get. On the bright side, we didn’t worry at all about the fire getting out of control. Continue Reading >>

Rainy Day Picture: Day 32

Dad and I went for a hike despite steady rain. I have to say, after 48 hours of almost four inches of rain, I’ve never seen so much mud on trails or water flowing through creeks.

Saturday, December 21, 2019, 10:30 am

St. Edwards State Park trail after inches of rain.
A very Washington trail view.