As I recover a bit, I’ve started walking more. Each time it hurts at first, but as I keep going, the pain usually subsides somewhat, leaving behind uncomfortable tugging at the incision sites. There’s still some kind of glue or something over the cuts, which may contribute, but I’m guessing I’ll feel some tugging until the scar softens up.

Last Monday the nurse practitioner who saw me at the vascular clinic said to walk for 15 to 30 minutes every two hours. So far that’s been more of an aspirational goal, but the last few days I did get out twice: Once midmorning and once midafternoon. Midmorning on Saturday I walked to Benji’s school, as a test; and on Sunday I walked to Brickyard Park & Ride, again as another test.

I’m calling these forays successes, since I made it there and back eventually and only needed major naps afterwards.

Today the rubber met the road as I walked Benji to school. Ian went to work, so I had to make it there, at least. And I did, and honestly it was fine. Benji walks so slow that even with my surgery, I want to go faster than he does.

On the way there, a car passed us and they slowed down when they recognized us: It was Benji’s friend Owen and his mom. They offered us a ride to school, which we declined (no carseat and plus we were nearly there); and then after we saw them again at school, the mom offered me another ride home. She didn’t seem to quite understand that I had chosen to walk. Voluntarily. But it was kindly offered, and I appreciated the thought.

This reminds me that, although for me a 30-minute walk feels like nothing to me, even after surgery, for many people that’s still a lot of activity.

It also reminds me that despite commuting by bike, I probably need to work on getting up and moving around more during the day in general, especially at work. (At home with Benji, unless we’re watching something, sitting still isn’t usually the problem!) Walking for 15 minutes every two hours doesn’t seem like much, but somehow two hours sneaks away awfully quick at times.

Speaking of that, I think it’s about time for me to get out again. Off I go.

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