Recovery Firsts

The last few days have marked some exciting recovery milestones!

  1. I drove a car.
  2. I wore pants.

Drove a Car

Okay, I hear you thinking, “What, is she 16?” I know, I know; it’s been almost two decades since I’ve gotten excited about driving. But on Friday I drove for the first time since my surgery, and I did feel excited: It marked my farthest excursion from home since we got back from California!

Unfortunately, my incision sites are right where the lap-belt part of a car seatbelt goes. Add in the bulk of a jacket or two, and you’ve got a recipe for some incision discomfort. Which I did, indeed, experience. Not as uncomfortable as before, but not such that I’d want to go for a nice long car drive any time soon, either. Continue Reading >>