I’m writing this retroactively to note that, for the second year in a row, we got substantial snowfall that canceled school for an extended period. Fortunately that period only stretched to three full days and one two-hour late start. Even so, once again, it threw everything for a loop and added to my deep anxiety about making it to my surgery follow-up (spoiler: I made it).

Snow. On Sunday, January 12, some flakes started drifting down in the evening. By Monday morning, Benji’s fondest wish had come true: School was cancelled as snow blanketed our area.

Benji woke up and immediately went sledding, even though the sun hadn’t risen yet.
I “worked from home,” for some definitions of working, on Monday and Wednesday. Ian took Tuesday and Thursday.
The roads weren’t actually that bad this time. Bothell treated them aggressively, even plowing our neighborhood several times. We had some trouble Tuesday and Wednesday, as more snow fell and then things got icy and frozen, but it thawed reasonably by Thursday and roads were clear by Friday.

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