On Friday afternoon last week, Benji came down with a fever. It hung around all weekend, causing him to miss school on Monday. But by Monday the fever had subsided into some congestion and coughing, and we figured the symptoms settled into those of a nasty cold.

Now I’m revising my thinking. Benji’s fever came back full force this morning, I’m addition to the coughing. He’s miserable and, to be honest, us grown-ups are miserable too. Ian hasn’t yet been able to go in to the office this week for work, and he’s only gotten in half-day equivalents at home with Benji. I’ve gone into the office every day, but left early to try to get home and help out.

And I’ve been wearing surgical masks any time I’m near Benji, in addition to washing or sanitizing my hands constantly. Having had pneumonia once this year, and seeing how sick and miserable Benji is, I’ll go to great lengths to avoid getting his virus. But it’s uncomfortable and not exactly cozy wearing a mask at home constantly, and my supply is super low.

In short… I can’t wait for this round to be done. Can’t come soon enough.

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