I admit, chalk-colored fence doesn’t have quite the same ring as stained-glass window; and it doesn’t have the gravity and weight of a real stained-glass window…

2010-12-26 France Vacation 18
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dharma_for_one/5458742148

…but masking tape, chalk, and an open section of fence can combine into a pretty fun and, in places, attractive work of art.

First I masking-taped the fence. It took a long time. If I were to do it again, I’d probably try to make a picture of something, rather than just random shapes.

Then Benji and I started coloring it in.

Art: Stained Glass Window
Starting to color the geometric shapes.
Art: Stained-Glass Window Finished
It took a couple days, and Benji eventually got bored and gave up, but I finished coloring the entire thing.
Art: Removing the Tape
Benji regained interest when I started pulling the tape off. Here he removes the very last piece.
Stained-Glass Window: Finished Product
Ta-da!! It’ll last until the rain starts… tomorrow.

Next time, if we do this again, I’d do two things differently: First, I’d try to make a picture of some sort; and second, I’d be more organized about the colors. The bottom third you can see where I got more organized and started doing it in quasi-rainbow order — this looks much nicer to me than the fairly random color choices we made up top.

Frankly, I think it’s likely we’ll have a lot more opportunities to do this in the future, given how long we’re likely to be at home together. All we need is more masking tape…

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