On a pre-pandemic Saturday, we have a pretty regular routine. I leave for a bike ride between 8:00 and 8:30. Ian and Benji play around the house, watch videos, then often go swimming. I arrive home during Benji’s “quiet time,” between 1:00 and 2:00. When Benji “gets up” (scare quotes intended, since unless he swam for a couple hours, he probably wouldn’t actually sleep), we go for a hike, often meeting my parents, my in-laws, or my friend Ellen and her pup Lakka. Every other week, Ian goes to his D&D group while Benji and I are out, so sometimes Benji and I do a date night of eating dinner while watching a movie. Otherwise it’s play around home, eat dinner, and go to bed.

Pretty exciting, I know.

This Saturday we started building a new normal. It looks a lot like before — I still went out for a bike ride, although due to getting about a bazillion flats, I got home later than usual — but instead of swimming, Ian and Benji went to a park. Actually, they went to several parks, because the county has closed playgrounds. They found a couple places to play, but everything is slowly closing down. After I got home, Benji and I played around home, and then Ian went and obtained take-out. We finished the evening around the fire pit.

I think as time goes on, we’ll end up increasingly restricted. My bike rides may end up in the garage, rather than on the road. There will be no park visits or take-out burgers. We’ll see nobody besides each other, and we’ll have to find a way to stay patient and loving throughout all.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures from Saturday.

Snoqualmie Valley Flat Changing Spot
At one point my ride buddy and I stopped to change one of the five flats on my ride, and the clouds finally started clearing, warming us up and turning the Snoqualmie Valley lovely.
Mud-ology continues. We’ve had to ban mud on the deck.
Pandemic Fire Pit Hangout
Benji, Ian, and I enjoying burning stuff together. We’re getting low on wood, so this may be a short-lived pleasure.

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