With schools closed for the duration, we’re creatively thinking about how to keep Benji learning and occupied during the day. At the moment, I’ve arranged standing daily classes or chats with three people, each of whom is teaching Benji something they specialize in. Thus, he’ll be learning some about history, writing, and French from my uncle; art, storytelling, music, and some script writing from my mom; and Pokemon from my sister. Just kidding–although they probably will talk Pokemon a lot, Colleen and Benji will be working on writing to answer specific questions, too. TBD.

This curriculum remains a little weak on math and science. Right now he’s just working through a lesson a day of the online math system the school district provides access to. But it’s incredibly difficult to come up with science things to do over chat, with no adult assistant available in person. We’ll keep working on that. It seems very likely that we’ll be doing this for the rest of the school year … pause a moment while that sinks in … so that gives us plenty of time to get a system in place.

So today’s picture shows Benji starting up the script-writing lesson with my mom. They added in another kid, Benji’s friend Thea, and he seemed much, much happier to have her along. So that’s great — probably for all parties involved.

Nana School: Play

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