Okay, I admit, I couldn’t resist alliteration in the title, even though it’s a bit absurd. All that to say, with playgrounds closed…

Pandemic: Closed Playground
Although it looks like a purposeful stride, he didn’t continue on to the playground.

…we’re getting more creative with what to do outside. Fortunately, we live in a place with lots of good woodsy parks. Woods are God’s playground, and kids have played in the woods forever. Although I wish Benji could play with other kids his age, rather than a couple tired old adults who already spent the day and their energy on lame work, still we attempt to play in the woods. On Monday, Ian took Benji to a woodlands near our house, and they had a great time.

Yesterday, instead of going for my afternoon bike ride, I accompanied Ian and Benji to Blyth Park for our daily outdoor outing. I didn’t realize that, with the acquisition of Wayne Golf Course, the City of Bothell had taken down the fence at the edge of Blyth Park. Now the park expands much farther than I realized — it makes me want to get my trail running shoes on to go for an exploratory jog!

We started in the disc golf course part of the Blyth Park woods and slowly migrated to the Wayne Golf Course part of the park. There we found a number of standalone cedar trees with nice open spaces around the trunks. We promptly turned them into our “homes” and “vacation homes,” and went around visiting each other’s trees.

I didn’t take any pictures of that, but here’s Wayne Golf Course yesterday afternoon.

Waynita Golf Course Park 1
All those new paths call to my sense of mystery. Where do they go?
I like interesting clouds.
Like father…
Like son.

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