When I was a little girl, we obtained — I don’t know how — a children’s cookbook. Produced by a flour company, it contained the requisite references to “Gold Medal All Purpose Flour” in each recipe, but nevertheless also contained 26 recipes perfectly suited for teaching kids the basics of baking. During our enforced stay-at-home time, Benji and I have started baking through every recipe. It being Benji, of course we’re doing them in alphabetical order, with perfect rigor.

The recipes make no pretense of healthiness, and I think only one even mentions vegetables. A handful make a nod at protein or nutrients. The vast majority involve some delicious combination of flour, baking soda/powder, salt, sugar, egg, and butter, with the variation coming in what else might get tossed in: chocolate, fruit, jam, or, best of all, even more sugar.

Without further ado, I present an album of the complete Alpha-Bakery Children’s Cookbook recipes. Happy baking!

Alpha-Bakery Cookbook

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