I rode almost 75 miles alone today. Initially I didn’t really feel like going out at all, but the sun started shining about 9:00 and I decided I couldn’t waste a perfectly beautiful day. And, as always, I ended up not regretting any of it. (Helpfully, I didn’t get any flats.) I rode north to Snohomish, turned south and rode all the way down Snoqualmie Valley nearly to Fall City, and then came back home north along the Sammamish Valley, with one stop about 40 miles in at a grocery store in Carnation. In my head I dubbed it my “Down in the Valley” ride.

Snoqualmie Valley: Springhetti Road
Cascade Mountains looking north from Springhetti Road.
Snohomish-Monroe Road
West Snoqualmie Valley Road
Cascade Mountains looking south from the south end of West Snoqualmie Valley Road.
Bike: Issaquah-Fall City
I’m not sure what road this was — 310th? — but it had a pretty river.

I got home about 2:45 and felt much refreshed. Sometimes the only thing that gets me out is knowing I’ve (almost) never regretted a ride. This day proved no exception: It was so delightful, a literal breath of fresh air. I’m so thankful that we can still ride our bikes outside, away from home, away from people, away from demands and anxiety and expectations.

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