Normally I don’t take pictures of my bike while I’m riding. I don’t take pictures much at all: I prefer to ride, not stop, extract my phone from my pocket and its protective plastic baggie wrapper, take a picture, put away my phone in the wrapper and then my pocket, and resume riding.

I do realize that, in the grand scheme of photography, this may be the easiest era ever to take pictures. I don’t care–it’s still more than I want to do when I’m out riding. Really it’s because I prefer to avoid stopping as much as possible, and unless a view really stuns me, I tend to just appreciate it on the fly.

During the pandemic, my attitude has shifted a bit. I still prefer to avoid stopping, and in fact I stop less than ever before. Two Saturdays ago, I rode 85 miles with no official food, water, or bathroom stops, thanks to the closure of nearly all our regular stopping places. At this point I expect to ride 40 or 50 miles without stopping for anything.

As I was starting to say before I sidetracked myself, I’ve started making an exception for stopping to take pictures of my bike in pretty spots along the ride. This is a kind of strange thing some cyclists do, I guess by way of a selfie without your actual self in it. For me, during this time when we’ve otherwise spent all our time in one building, I think these pictures prove to me that the world outside remains, and I’m still part of it. To an extent, it also captures the strange or surreal emptiness of some roads, which stretch behind my bike in long, empty asphalt ribbons.

So here are some of the “bike selfie” pictures I’ve taken since all this started almost exactly two months ago, at the beginning of March.

Cherry Blossom Bike
Under a flowering cherry tree on 132nd Ave NE – May 3, 2020
Outside a closed Marymoor Park – May 1, 2020
Inside a closed Marymoor Park on the Marymoor Connector Trail – April 26, 2020
Sunset S-Works
Above an empty 60 Acres Park at sunset – April 15, 2020
Bike: Issaquah-Fall City
Approaching Issaquah-Fall City Road – April 4, 2020
Stormy Lake Washington & Bike
Kirkland Marina Park – March 31, 2020
First Kickr Ride: No Flats
In my garage on a rainy Saturday – March 28, 2020
Tolt Hill Road on the Ride of Many Flats – March 21, 2020
Leschi Boats & Bikes
Deserted Leschi Marina – March 15, 2020
Looking south from Logboom Park on my last commute home before lockdown – March 3, 2020

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