For the last eight weeks, Benji has done school at the dining room table. Over time, school materials have slowly spread until we could no longer use the dining room table for eating.

I had a semi-brilliant idea the other day: to move a spare desk (fortunately, painted black and therefore less likely to show marker marks) from my office into Benji’s room. But his room is tiny — maybe 8 by 8 — with a bed, dresser, and bookshelf, there’s not any space left. …Except in the closet!

So, my idea was to take the closet doors off, clear out all the stuffed animals he never plays with, and put the desk in there. Careful measurement endured that the desk would, in fact, fit in there.



Benji is pretty thrilled. He quickly adopted use of the closet-desk, announcing, “Daddy, look at MY desk!” He vanishes into his room with a huge stack of blank paper and pens and doesn’t emerge for hours. It’s a win all around.

I have ideas about organizing his bookshelf and adding containers to manage school and art supplies. That may have to wait until stores open again. In the meantime, I also have ideas about helping him paint and decorate his “office.” Stay tuned.

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