Just a little wrist pun humor to start off this post, in which I’m posting a delightful photo timeline of my wrist recovery. The color changing my injuries went through was just so darn interesting.

Mistakes were made
Day 1: Injury inflicted.
Mistakes Were Made - 4 Days Later
Day 3: After painting; with Tegaderm bandage
Day 4: Bandage-free!
Day 5: Colorful knuckles
Day 6: Slowly fading colors and less swelling
Day 8: Bruise draining down my forearm. Gross.
Day 10: After a 100-mile bike ride. Held up well.

From here on out I think it’s just taking ibuprofen occasionally and not doing anything stupid.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but my left leg seems to have gotten some kind injury during the crash, too. Every ride I’ve done since then, my leg has output a little less power, has felt a little weaker and more sore, and has occasionally been accompanied by foot tingling or soreness. I’ve asked a few friends if they think I should be worried, and universally they’ve said it was almost certainly some internal swelling, pull, or other injury caused by the crash, and that time would take care of it. So I’m trying not to let the fact it’s my surgery leg freak me out and instead just wait patiently. Time will tell.

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