Square Birthday

My family doesn’t make any bones about our nerdiness. So this year, we’re embracing the fact that Ian and Benji both achieved prime number ages (37 and 7, respectively) and yesterday I hit a square number (36) age.

To celebrate my entry into 36 years, Benji and mom created a scavenger hunt with 10 clues to give me the first 10 issues of the classic graphic novel series Lone Wolf and Cub that my family found at my request:

Lone Wolf & Cub Collection Beginning
Amazingly, my mom found the first 10 issues of Lone Wolf and Cub. My sister sent a picture of a lone wolf and a cub.

I stumbled across Lone Wolf and Cub on Hoopla and fell in love with the pace and the art and, of course, got sucked into the story: Would Ogami Itto avenge his family’s honor against the powerful Yagyu? What would happen to his (strangely never-aging) young son? Would any of them survive their final confrontation?? Continue Reading >>