There’s a ton of heavy stuff going down in our country right now. I don’t want to make light of any of it. But I’m writing my life, and in my life right now my house has no gutters on a weekend of continuous heavy rain.

No Gutters 1
Rain pours off the roof onto the front step. Better come through the back.
No Gutters 2
Rain pours off the roof and through the shade sail to splash on the table and the back deck. Better come in through the front porch.

Tuesday through Friday last week showcased the best of Washington weather: Temperatures in the 70s, light breezes, sunshine, glittering mountains. Then Saturday morning, BAM! Literally — we were out for our daily family walk when thunder and lightning started up, followed by rain that hasn’t let up yet.

Unfortunately, this coming week looks to follow the same pattern:

Dry conditions all workweek, followed by rain all weekend.

We already feel cooped up during the week, and adding rainy weekends on top of staying home adds another level of strain that none of us needs. For me, Saturday mornings offer the escape of a bike ride, the only time I see anywhere outside of about a 5-mile radius around our house. It gives Ian and Benji a break from me and refreshes my mind and spirit. Benji often plays with neighborhood kids in the afternoons.

None of that happens on a rainy weekend.

Oh, we make the best of it: We played a family game of My Little Scythe, watched the SpaceX/NASA Falcon 9 Dragon capsule launch, and in the afternoon watched Little Mermaid with Benji for the first time. (He gave it rave reviews: “I loved that movie!”) Today, Benji’s spending the afternoon with Ian’s parents, an event he always keenly anticipates.

Falcon 9/Dragon Launch!
Watching the Falcon 9 rocket successfully launch Americans into space from Florida, the first time in Benji’s lifetime our astronauts have flown from American soil on an American rocket.

But even despite doing our best to find activities, I have to look back at weeks when we had good weekend weather with a certain amount of envy. I didn’t think time could feel even longer than it already did, but… it does.

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