In this installment of “Change is hard but healthy,” I present Exhibit 1: After 10.5 years at his current job, Ian landed an exciting new job at a company he’s had his eye on for a long time: ArenaNet, the company behind GuildWars and GuildWars 2. Who knew that the 2,000 hours of GuildWars gameplay he put in would turn into a coverletter selling point?!

This caps about a month of extra stress and anxiety as he worked his way through the many hoops of the interview process. At the beginning of the process, the recruiter laid out the different steps where, essentially, Ian could be eliminated. As he passed each one, Ian would comment, “That’s one hurdle done.” Each one brought him one step closer to the job, until finally he received an offer, accepted, and cleared the last hurdle: turning in his resignation letter and telling his current boss he was leaving.

It seems inadequate to say the things in my head: I’m excited for him. I’m so proud of the courage he showed in taking this leap. He’s earned this, and I know he’ll excel at this new challenge. I am so glad he gets to join me in the rare world of having a job he loves.

In this era of pandemic, unrest, uncertainty, and bad news, it feels almost novel to have good news. I’m thankful.

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