Normally I escape to the my bike when I need time by myself. But with the smoke followed closely by rain, the bike has meant an escape to… the garage. Ho hum.

Rouvy data looks to RideWithGPS like I really rode in Boulder, or Switzerland, or New South Wales… but I know that I never left the garage.

So to do something fun and totally different, and to deal with the split ends that have become an increasingly acute problem, I scheduled some time in the hair salon. Not my normal escape, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

We trimmed the split ends, but kept the majority of the length. That dealt with the chore. The real fun part was adding a peek-a-boo stripe of “fashion color,” as they put it.

Hair Color 1
So much bleaching. My hair really likes being its natural color.
Hair Color 2
…but that’s nothing a lot of really harsh chemicals can’t overcome!
Hair Color 3
Once bleached, the color seemed to go in much more quickly.
Hair Color 4
Finished product: Green-blue-purple peek-a-boo strip.

During the process I accidentally got some hair coloring in my mouth. I called the doctor and she said it was fine… but I feel like I dyed a little bit inside.

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