A few pictures from the rare times we get out of the house in these predominantly dark, gloomy, wet months. Unfortunately the only camera I carry these days is the little one on my phone; fortunately, it’s higher-resolution and smarter at things like HDR than the DSLR gathering dust in my closet. (In fairness, the DSLR is much better at real camera tasks like manual focus, shutter speed, ISO settings, etc; I just don’t take pictures like that so much these days, alas.)

Seward Park
Don’t get the impression that we enjoy mostly sunshine between October and December; instead, get the impression that we take pictures of that rare event when it happens.
Seward Park Cedar
A lovely old cedar tree at Seward Park gave me tree envy.
High Bridge Road Just After Sunrise
Rode down High Bridge Road not long after the sun came up and enjoyed the quiet pastoral scene.
Snow Geese Snoqualmie Valley 2
Snow geese visit for just a few weeks a year on their annual southward migration. I felt lucky to see them close enough that I also heard the wind in their feathers as they landed.

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