Yesterday morning I woke up to something astonishing: A different view.

Lopez Island View
A dry morning on Lopez Island in December — I had to take a picture.

Benji, my parents, and I have relocated to a house on Lopez Island for five days. Before we left, I felt extremely reluctant about the trip. Just the prospect of all the logistics overwhelmed me. But I came around to going for at least a few days, and so on Wednesday morning Benji and I embarked.

Our travel included just enough excitement to keep things interesting. We initially planned to catch the 10:20 sailing to Lopez, but arrived just in time to catch the 9:25 sailing. Surprise! And on the crossing, we witnessed something entirely new to me: emergency drills for the crew. They responded to a simulated car fire and to an abandon ship alarm. I’ve ridden ferries for my entire life and never witnessed that before. It was fascinating!

Fire Drill on the Ferry
Ferry crew members responding to a fire drill.

Fortunately, when we arrived, we had no trouble finding the house or letting ourselves in early. It actually worked out that Benji was able to do some of his Wednesday schoolwork on the island.

On Thursday the highlight for me was a leisurely, scenic 50-mile bike ride with Dad. It rained overnight but the clouds cleared by midmorning and we enjoyed sunshine later in the day. My heart has needed the change of scene to a place where you hear only waves lapping, wind in evergreens, and the occasional Cessna (a common inter-island commuting vehicle). More than any time before, I appreciated riding roads I haven’t memorized and enjoying landscapes I haven’t seen a zillion times. Sunshine just iced the cake.

Here are some pictures I took on our ride.

Lopez 2020 - Truck
Lopez 2020 - Agate Beach
Lopez 2020 - Marsh
Lopez 2020 - Halfway
Lopez 2020 - Farmland

Mom promised Benji ice cream cones every day he’s here, so after we returned from our ride, the four of us went to make good on that promise.

Lopez 2020 - Ice Cream

We finished the day with a visit to Fisherman’s Reef Preserve just as the sun set.

Lopez 2020 - Fisherman's Reef Preserve - Sunset

Aaaaahhh. Now I only regret we aren’t staying longer… although I may feel differently after the next three straight days of rain.

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