A Month of Change

The last month has been hard — and in the context of the pandemic and the previous 15 months, that’s saying something. Even so, I’ve neglected my blog not because life is hard in general, but because much of the difficulty comes specifically from my work. To be honest, blogging is like my job, only with fewer rules. In fact, my job is changing so that we’ll even be using a content management system like WordPress (only harder to use, unfortunately). Not surprisingly, when I have a heavy workload of writing, I’m less inclined to spend my free time writing. Continue Reading >>

Virtual Haleakala Ride

Remember back in October when I crossed the 100,000 miles ridden mark? After that I started feeling ambivalent about my riding. I didn’t have any particular goals or reason to ride, so I just kind of went out and did whatever. Sometimes that feels great, but it’s like too much vacation: At first you think, “I couldn’t possibly spend too much time on vacation!” But after a while, you kind of wish you had something specific to do.

Without group rides to keep me motivated, I needed a goal. Continue Reading >>