Overwhelming Amounts of Everything

This last week has slowly turned up the dial on seemingly every part of my life. I’m going to take a moment and dump some of what’s going on here.

This got long, so here are links to navigate to each section:

There’s lots to get to, so without further ado, let’s jump in.

Benji’s neurological assessment

Back in February, Benji’s therapist suggested he might benefit from a neurological assessment to see whether things like his inability to sit still for 2 seconds at a time, his flash-trigger temper, his alarming level of intelligence, his extreme lack of physical dexterity, his desperate need for routine, and his struggles with flexible thinking add up to some kind of actual psychological diagnosis. I’m sure they will — but I’m honestly not sure yet what that may be. Continue Reading >>

Work From Home Diatribe

During my job interview nearly five years ago I asked, in a pro-forma way, about work from home options. When informed that wasn’t an option, I accepted with resignation the reality that I would commute twenty-odd miles to downtown Seattle every day. Over time, that hour-plus-each-way commute felt less and less logical. I’ve asked myself time and time again whether it was worth spending nearly three hours every day traveling just to have this job. Three extra hours away from my family, hours I’m not spending with my kid, who’s growing up without me. Is that sacrifice really worth it? Heck, if nothing else, I could spend more of that time asleep! Continue Reading >>

New Background Image Backstory

I realize that, typically, a background image may not stir a huge amount of excitement or warrant a particular mention, but I want to take a moment to highlight the change in the background image on my blog.

The new image is this:

Last spring, between the pandemic, family struggles, and work challenges, every day felt like another impossible battle to survive in a raging, dark sea. At one particularly low moment, I had a vision of a tiny, distant lighthouse, battered by stormy seas all around, but grounded, firm, and bright. Not a very unique concept, perhaps, but in the moment it reminded me that I have a foundation that can withstand any storm. I quickly sketched the idea, the lighthouse surrounded by huge crashing waves, and set the drawing next to my monitors as a reminder that even in the hardest moments, I had a guide and a refuge. Continue Reading >>