I realize that, typically, a background image may not stir a huge amount of excitement or warrant a particular mention, but I want to take a moment to highlight the change in the background image on my blog.

The new image is this:

Last spring, between the pandemic, family struggles, and work challenges, every day felt like another impossible battle to survive in a raging, dark sea. At one particularly low moment, I had a vision of a tiny, distant lighthouse, battered by stormy seas all around, but grounded, firm, and bright. Not a very unique concept, perhaps, but in the moment it reminded me that I have a foundation that can withstand any storm. I quickly sketched the idea, the lighthouse surrounded by huge crashing waves, and set the drawing next to my monitors as a reminder that even in the hardest moments, I had a guide and a refuge.

Life moved on, but at Christmastime, when Ian asked me what I wanted, I thought of that sketch. I asked him to commission an artist friend of ours, Beth Reidmiller, to turn my sketch into a fully realized piece of art. He did, and she recently delivered the digital file and an exceptionally high-quality print copy, which I’m having framed.

I love everything about the art: The moody darkness and character of the clouds, the color of the sea, the drops of spray, the dazzle coming from the heart-shaped light. It’s not exactly what I envisioned — it’s much better. And it’s a perfect background for my blog: I never knew something broken could shine so brightly.

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