Ian and Benji went to Seaside Sunday, July 18 through Saturday, July 24. I had a doctor’s appointment that I couldn’t miss, so I stayed home. Here’s what I did:

Monday and Tuesday I worked, but enjoyed long evenings without demands on my time.

Wednesday I rode up Mt. St. Helens.

Thursday I did a follow-up appointment at the UW about my arterial surgery.

Friday I took my friend Teresa on a roadtrip to Port Townsend.

Every day I listened to my music on the big living room speakers, preferably loud. I ate pasta four meals out of the week and didn’t have to bicker with anyone about it. I got together spontaneously to play games with a friend. I stayed up too late. In short, I instantly went back to college-Katie behaviors, and you know what? It felt amazing. College students really don’t appreciate what they’ve got.

Saturday I did my usual bike ride, and then in the afternoon, Ian and Benji arrived home like a tornado. Real life hit like the broad side of a barn.

…but I still had the absolute best, most relaxing, emotionally restful and filling week since I don’t even know when. It was truly amazing. Memories of the good times keep ambushing me and distracting me from real life. It’s ridiculous.

Earth to Katie! Come in, Katie! Shoot, she’s still somewhere out past the Moon; it may take a while to get her back.

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