I think I mentioned Benji’s neuro testing previously. On Thursday we finally got the results: ADHD, with a side of something I forget that distilled to “totally clueless about social cues.” (I assume the written report, which we’re still waiting for, will have those details.)

It’s been such a long road already, and it feels like we’re just starting the journey. There’s so much to learn about how kids’ brains work when they have ADHD and how we adapt our parenting now we know this is Benji’s deal. It doesn’t change who he is; it’s just another piece in the puzzle of understanding him.

I’m still processing what this means and how I feel about it. Intellectually, I can say: excellent, useful data. Emotionally, well, that’s a different story. Eventually my intellect and emotions will align and pull as a useful team, but it’ll take some time to get there.

Meanwhile, it’s time to read some books, and I’m not talking about steamy biking romance novels.

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