A five-paragraph essay

Let’s take a moment to think about pie. We all know and love pie as an after-dinner, fill-in-the-cracks dessert food, but I suggest that we should elevate pie to its proper place: the breakfast table. Pie is a breakfast food, and if you think otherwise now, you’ll agree with me by the time you’re done reading this essay.

First, we have a long history of sweet breakfast foods. Consider commonly accepted breakfast foods like donuts, cinnamon rolls, and Danishes, all of which contain essentially the same ingredients as most pie: flour, butter, sugar, salt, and sometimes fruit or chocolate. Pie isn’t substantially different from many commonly accepted breakfast foods.

Additionally, some types of pie can offer some real nutritional value. Healthy meals include carbohydrates, fruit or vegetables, and protein. Apple pie with whipped cream or, better yet, ice cream on top checks all these boxes.

Finally, nutrition experts tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet many people skip breakfast, thus starting their day off with low blood sugar. But by expanding breakfast options to include a quick-and-easy slice of pie, many more people will begin their day a little better off.

In conclusion, I think you’ll agree with me that pie is a breakfast food. Not only do we already eat breakfast foods that are essentially pie in a different shape (Danishes, I’m looking at you), but pie can offer a healthier start to the day by providing a reasonable balance of carbohydrates, fruit, and even protein. Experts recommend eating breakfast to start your day off right. Consider following their advice with pie next time, because pie is a breakfast food.

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