…This time.

But it wasn’t for lack of trying!

Today while I was heating oil in our frying pan for my signature seared salmon recipe (if I may take a moment to boast, I make a mean seared salmon), I flicked some water into the pan to see how hot it was — and a tower of flames leaped up. It roared merrily for about 5 seconds while I frantically looked for the lid, which I’d left in a location blocked by the flames. Finally I got smart and turned off the burner, the flames died down, and I finished making dinner. No problem! Nothing to see here! Everything’s fine!

Now the only memento of this excitement is the incredible sooty residue left on the microwave, and presumably all the cabinets around it. I do believe the flames reached almost to the top of the microwave, but that may be my memory exaggerating. It was, in any case, a lot of flame.

That’s what I call adventures in cooking.

Oh, and yes: We do have a fire extinguisher nearby in the pantry, so even if worst had come to worst, I wouldn’t have burned the entire house down. Probably.

That’s what I call adventurous cooking.

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