Not to state the obvious, but I haven’t set up a new household for a long time. I’d forgotten all the small things that I, at least, use on a fairly regular basis — but I’m finding them out!

Yesterday I went on an epic grocery shopping trip to stock my pantry and fridge. I tried to think of everything I could possibly need, and when I checked out, I wheeled away an overflowing grocery cart. It contained such various items as nutmeg, tortillas, frozen peas, maple syrup, pears, baking soda, and cereal. But not five minutes from the store, I realized I had forgotten milk. Start a list: milk.

Then I made a batch of cookies. I had all the ingredients, so that was a plus, but using the bowl and measuring cups mom had given me, I realized that I couldn’t use them regularly. They had too many features that drove me nuts. Add mixing bowls, strainer, measuring cups, and tablespoon/teaspoon measures to the list.

When I went to take the first batch of cookies out of the oven, I realized another oversight: no oven mitts. Fortunately dish towels serve. Add oven mitts to the list.

This morning, just before I started working, the power went out. Add candles, matches, flashlight, and batteries to the list.

So it goes. I trust that after after I’ve lived here long enough, the money hemorrhage will subside. Meanwhile, the list keeps growing with increasingly random-seeming items: step ladder, hammer, screwdrivers, picture-hanging hardware, measuring tape, coat tree, large rubber mat, u-lock

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