We’ve been having some seasonally exciting weather experiences — wind and rain, darkness, and a general sense of coziness at being inside without yet feeling cooped up. On Sunday, Benji, Mom, Dad, and I decided to go enjoy the dramatic wind and rain at the beach. Here’s some pictures of that little adventure.

Brackett's Landing
The tide was just about at the peak high, and it was up 12 feet from normal. Hardly any beach to be had!
Benji in Driftwood House
Someone built a very sturdy driftwood house, which Benji confirmed fit at least a nine-year-old.
Brackett's Landing Rainbow
To our astonishment, the rain tapered off as we approached the coast. On the beach, it wasn’t raining at all on us — but we enjoyed the benefits of someone else being rained on, with some very nice rainbow views.
Katie & Benji at Brackett's Landing
Uh, yeah. No comment.
Benji & Nana in Edmonds
Benji and my mom have a heart-to-heart.

I didn’t take a picture of this, but three coal trains also went by. We counted cars, and two of them had 106 cars, including engines. That’s a long train.

And a couple quasi-art eye pictures.

Sea Wrack
Rainbow Stones 1
Rainbow Choices 2
Nana and Benji Beach Smiles

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