After many years of intensive research, Ford Prefect in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy describes Earth as “mostly harmless.” Having spent last three (and some) decades observing my behavior, I can confirm the same is true for me. However, you might disagree if you ever find yourself trying to hold my wheel as we slog up the 18th hill during Vashon Island’s Passport 2 Pain ride, whining for a different dinner like my (otherwise delightful) elementary-aged son, or sitting across from me playing Power Grid at Zulu’s Board Game Café (don’t worry, I prefer cooperative games).

My personal history remains shrouded in mystery, primarily because it’s so boring nobody’s ever bothered to find it out. It does involve growing up on the Eastside; a stint on the East Coast to learn about real winters and, oh yes, technical writing both in college and at my fist job; a move back to more temperate climes to take an AmeriCorps internship; and a part-time job at a financial firm while my son transitioned from the “adorable slug” phase to his current “becoming a wonderful human being” phase.

In a move described as “incomprehensible,” “puzzling,” and “astonishing” by pundits, our family has opted for me to take on a full-time technical writing job in downtown Seattle, thus throwing our entire careful life balance into total chaos. So far we continue to keep all the balls in the air.

KF – Dec 2018

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  1. I just started studying for the series 65. I am overwhelmed. This is a career change for me. Just wondering if you felt like the class in tule ilia was worth it?? Thanks for your input.
    (I just started studying today… Planning on taking the test in May. Wondering how many months you studied?) any feedback would be appreciated.

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